Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Surface keyboards, mice leak ahead of anticipated computer

Rumors of a Surface-branded all-in-one computer continue to swirl around, and an October hardware event from Microsoft is still widely anticipated. Some new leaks have confirmed that new Surface hardware is almost surely on its way... but may not necessarily include a computer.

Yesterday, Windows Central reported a new Surface-branded Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard looks like an updated, redesigned version of the keyboard in the Designer Bluetooth Desktop package: low profile, straight (non-ergonomic) design, with chiclet style keys. Windows Central also claims that a second ergonomic design is in the pipeline.

Today, thanks to the FCC, we have evidence of a new Surface-branded mouse, too. While the keyboard looks like an updated design, the mouse looks identical, save for its color, to the existing Designer Mouse. Both keyboard and mouse are in the same gray as the magnesium alloy of the Surface Book, and both are Bluetooth 4 Low Energy devices. The mouse should last an impressive 12 months on its two AAA batteries.

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