Thursday, April 6, 2017

Xbox One Project Scorpio specs: 12GB GDDR5, 6 teraflops, native 4K at 60FPS

The tech specs for the Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio are here, courtesy of Digital Foundry, and—on paper on least—Microsoft has hit its six teraflops performance goal for the console and then some. If early performance in Forza and testing by the company is anything to go by, Scorpio will play a good chunk of games at a native 4K resolution and at 60FPS.

At the heart of Project Scorpio is an all-new AMD GPU, which features 40 "customised" Radeon compute units (compared to just 12 on the Xbox One and Xbox One S) clocked at an impressive 1172MHz. That's a substantial increase over Xbox One GPU's 853MHz clock speeds, and even the PS4 Pro's 911MHz. Microsoft has doubled the amount of shader engines and render back-ends, and quadrupled the GPU L2 cache size, which it claims has boosted the GPU fill-rate by 2.7x. That's more than enough, it says, for native 4K gaming.

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