Friday, March 18, 2016

Edge browser now has extensions in the latest Windows 10 preview

One of the biggest features promised for Microsoft's new Edge browser was support for extensions written in HTML and JavaScript. Google developed an API for such extensions for Chrome, and it is being substantially adopted by Firefox. Microsoft said that it too would adopt this API for Edge, but extensions didn't make the cut in the November Update.

Since the November Update, Microsoft has released a series of Insider Preview builds that so far didn't actually change a great deal that was visible. But the latest build, version 14291, changes all that, as it includes the first preview of the extension support in Edge. Microsoft has three extensions thus far: two it developed itself (one to perform automatic translation of foreign language pages, another to enable mouse gestures), and a ported version of the popular Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES).

Right now, installing extensions is rather clunky—when this is feature is released to end users, extensions will be included in the Windows Store and subject to some amount of vetting and oversight, but that's not plumbed in yet. Once installed, however, the extensions just seem to... work.

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